Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Well I finally did it. I have our family pictures up for 2008. They were done differently this year instead of the usual properly dressed photos we did our personality photos whatever we were interested in that is what we did our pictures as.

Malissa loves to pretend and to play dress up. She is the most wonderful mother ever. She takes very good care of Lila her real life baby.

Me and my dear love. We wanted to have fun on picture day, and we did. We even had drizzling rain. I thought you all would enjoy these seeing as my hubby never takes a serious picture for those of you who don't know him as much as we do. It is a real chore for the photographer not to laugh trying to take our pictures every year. In fact he really knows us well and even remembers us from year to year. This time though we thought we would let uncle Matt, Shelenas' husband took them this year.

I love showing Blaine that I love him, and he does the same as you can see here. We had tons of fun and hopefully it isn't too much for all of you. Kisses and more kisses. I don't know about you all but I think this is one goofy couple:)

Sarah is all about leopards! She is our pet fanatic. She loves animals and having pets has only allowed that gift of attachment to increase. I would not be suprised if she didn't end up being a Vetrenarian. She has the personality for it that is for sure.

Here is Malissa being herself a wonderful pretend mom.

Laura is interested in baking and cooking, but just wanted to be herself here. She loves purple and turqois. She is little miss social bug at her school and there isn't very many students that doesn't know her.

Jess having fun at grandma and grandpa Harpers house. The wind was so very cold and blustery this night that Jessie was having alot of fun with it, as you can see here acting as if she were going to be blown away.

Every season Grandma Harper loves for the grandchildren to color, or paint or draw a picture for her back door where everyone takes off thieir work shoes like grandpa after he gets off work from the potatoe wharehouse and cellar.

Jessie doing what she loves doing, being crafty and creative with art stuff. This is her favorite pass time. She will draw for hours and paint all the time if she could, so painting for grandma Harper was not a biggie for her. She loves this more than anything. She is very good at it especially for a 9 year old.

Visiting our really good friends in Rexburg before they moved to Colorodo. We miss them so much. Laura really misses Randy she was very good friends with him and still e-mails him. Trish his mom was one of our neighbors when they Laura was just a couple years old. They had moved along time ago when we lived in Logan Ut, they lived in Provo, then we lost contact with them. When they moved back it was as if they had never moved. We loved being able to visit often, but we had a really fun last day with them. The kids jumped on the tramp together and had a blast.

Laura at her 14th birthday party. She invited a few of her friends including Randy and Laura Fisher and Shyanne Prather. She had so much fun that she ended up having a water fight outside with all of them. We had alot of fun that day with her and her friends.

Well here she is, the COWGIRL!!!! Let me tell you she is a girl after my own heart. She loves anything to do with cowboy stuff. She loves horses and being around them. She has cowgirl boots and vest and a hat to boot. She is set for rodeos. You should see us there, we scream, jump, yell, and sqeeze poor Laura and Blaines hands off. They tell me that I am more of intertainment to watch than the rodeo itself, well that is except for Jess. Mom Harper always buys us tickets to the July 24th Rodeo.

This is Me and Trisha on their last day in Rexburg, we went over and had a blast with them. We were very sad to see them leave, but still keep in touch.

Jessie loves playing with her little puppies. Her hair is quiet a bit longer now, but we had just cut it here. This was about November last year.

Here is the infamous water fight at Laura's Birthday party, what a fight that turned out to be, all the girls ganged up on poor Randy. He was soaking wet time they finished with him. He is quiet the ladies man that is for sure. Laura and Shy had the time of their life trying to soak every inch of him as well.

This is all four girls playing all the girly stuff, and making each other over with nail painting and hair styles, truly they are all girls, now questions about it, it is Estrogen all the way baby!!! Any one care to join poor Blaine?

Quiet the make over day here at the Ostermiller house. Malissa is playing with her best playmate, Sarah!, Those two could play like this all day long if we let them.

This is me spending time with Sarah watching a vedio in the floor. Oh Yeah this is the time when I was able to fit into my clothes, I surely don't now though, dang medicines:(

This is MEME cat, she is bathing Malissa's balarena bear, what a cat!

Meme not letting go of the duck too quickly, she loves holding this little thing, and wouldnot let it go, then decided to attack it later in the night, we laughed and laughed. She gets these sudden burst of energy and runs spasing through the house making us all kill over with stomache cramps laughing so hard!

Malissa was playing pretend last summer and making sure her baby was safe and sound. She loves playing on the porch pretend, and is very good at it. Her and her cool shades.

Malissa and Jessica playing in the grass that we just mowed and Blaine and I raked up at the begining of the summer of 2008. Both their hair is so much longer now. They had so much fun this day, but boy they had to take a very long shower, grass was everywhere!

I love mowing the lawn, but Blaine the girls and I argue about who gets to do it. I usually win this battle:)

GRASS FIGHT!!!! These guys couldn't stop laughing, and itching:) They were getting along so well, and getting to play with dad, that was the best of all.

What a grass heap, not the child mind you, just around her. We had so much grass from the winter before, I thought we would never get done raking it all up.

These two girls, what characters. I don't know how children do it, I have memories of doing the exact same thing with my daddy in Ky. Those were some of the best meomories. Having grass fights and getting lost in all the piles, then having grass wars with all my sisters and daddy.

This is really Meme, yep, that is what happens when one of the neighborhood dogs chase her. She gets into alot of stuff, but never like this. The dog was like a rotwhiler and thought he would have fun with her. I think she almost died of a heartattack this day, or of utter embarrasement from being so filthy! I had to bath her and bath her. It was finally after the third rinse and go through that she finally got clean. She had ran into a stove pipe by the garden to ensure her safety and dear life. We found her after getting home from town that day. I was scared for her and after her bath I held her and coulded her. She finally stoped hissing and breathing heavy. Most days now she is a pretty clean kitty the dog moved with his family and Meme now has to fight other dogs, but some just as big,. or bigger. She isn't too scared of the smaller dogs, but sure gives them something to bark about.

One of Sarah dearest best friends at the end of Dare graduation in 5th grade. She did very well. She is now in the 7th grade if that tells you how long I have been trying to find a good spot to post our pictures and how to post them.

Malissa playing with my flowers when I was doing a wedding arangement. She was dressing up to get "Married:)"

Well this is the finished product of the whole living room floor being ambushed by flowers. It was Tammy Harper, my church sisters wedding boquet. I loved how it turned out. I even had buisness cards made out, I will have to scan it in so everyone can see them, they really look cool. This is just one of my many hobbies. I really love doing this and have done just about all the Harper kids, well all but one, so that is 7 so far, mom had 9 kids and everyone has gotten married but Tasha. Connie gets married June 23rd to a secret service on some pretty amazing secret missions even in Iraq. So we are really happy for her. Tasha is our artist and is quiet good, even just about professional at it.

Jessica and Malissa embrace in a very seldom act of love. Thats why I ran to get the camera:) They do get along much better the older they get, they can be the best of friends, or some times yet even the worst of enimies. This day was best of frinends.

Introducing our Amazing Hollywood Cat, Meme. Sarah thought she would luck pretty cool, well all we came up with was she is one Cool Cat.

Malissa riding scooters with Cheyanne her best friend that moved to Utah and she misses very much. Every so often they will write a letter to each other. This was the morning after her very first sleep over.

Malissa and Cheyanne having their very first sleep over and tuckered out about 9:00p.m. They had so much fun.

Playing pretend with Malissas stuffed animals. The dog Malissa is holding has been in our family for about 30 years It was given to my sister in Ky many years ago, and has been passed down from her kids to my sister Dians kids and then to my kids. Everyone of them have loved that poor dog and has played with him till he is pretty floppy now, his name is Jessie.

This is the side of our yard. We have lilac bushes all over. We had to move them to the other side of the yard due to big trucks moving new trailer homes in. Unfortunetly I also had to move my poor tree, it didn't make it. Now the other side of my yard looks even prettier than this side of the yard. We love it here where we live.

Pillow Fight. What a night this was. Malissa loves this blue pillow. She was asked by a couple of elderly people if they could by this for her because they didnt' have any children left to by presents for and it was a pure joy for them to buty this for her. She still has it to this day.

Malissa and Cheyanne playing games together the night of the sleep over.

I came up with a wonderful new treat while camping last year, it was melted chocolate bar. WOW, talk about easy smores, just open the top of the chocolate bar after letting it set in the glove compartment, or as Blaine and the westerners her call it, the jocky box, then get it out at supper time or dinner time as we call it here. I smeared it on the grahm craker then put marshmellow on top of the chocolate, then put them together and wala, you have the most delicious smores on earth thank you very much. Enjoy looking, cause I sure enjoyed eating it.

This is the traditional last dinner at the Ostermiller camping get away. We have a wonderful meal the last night of camping. We had dutch oven carrots and potatoes, baked beans over a fire, grilled chicken barbqued in the coals and mac and cheese. We do baked potatoes in the coals while everything else is cooking for the late night snack after eating the wonderful melted marshmellows. What fun we have while camping, we just let go of everything all our cares and have tons of fun.

This is us having fun at bedtime, really late at night. We star gazed until everyone was really tired, and had a blast doing it.

This is how I cooked my potatoes and Carrots this time and they tasted so good. Needless to say, they were all gone:( Really you all need to try theses when you go camping next.

This is the ostermillers doing waht they do best while camping, EATING:) I can't tell you how much fun we have when we camp out. We always go to Yellowstone somewhere, it is tradition.

Jessie at Tower Falls. I went on one of my excertions off track and found this bridge with rapids over the rocks, under the bridge. It was so beautiful, I couldn't believe it. We all took pictures here, so enjoy.

Sarah at Tower Falls.

Repeat, SORRY:(

Larua at Tower Falls. The girls were sad because you can't hike all the way down the path anymore just due to the erotion that has happened throughout the years. So, we just go until the look out now.

Malissa at Tower falls camping trip 2008.


Well ladies and Gents, this is another of our traditions. We always play in the lake. This year was much too cold to swim in, but the girls still wanted to play in the water at the Lake in Yellowstone. Man was that cold, where there is water so there is all the Ostermiller girls, even Mom. I couldn't believe it, they started only ankle deep, but couldn't help themselves and before long as you can see was bottom deep., but usually they submerdge themselves all the way, but like I said, it was much too cold even for the girls and I, and that was really disappointing to them, well lets be honest, even to me:(

Jessica only played for a little while but if you look really close you can see even the coldest little girl of the family even got in to her bottom. She couldn't stand it too long so she started playing in the sand with ticks and making art pictures inthe wet sand, which is just like her, she loves art no matter where we are.

Jessica Ankle deep in the mushy sand, loving playing in it.

See here they are caught in the act, playing in the ice cold water.

Malissa loves getting her picture taken, even in the outdoors., This was at Grand Canyon of Yellowstone at Upper falls, this is actually where Blaine purposed to me, after the long hike back up that is where he asked me in the car.

Don't worry just a prop picture, no ones gettin hurt here children. Blaine had a real good hold on Laura, but I thought it would be a fun picture for us. Turned out I was right. This was up pon firehole drive, past our little swimming hole.

Me having fun for everyone, Eat your heart out, no not because of me, because of the water, YEAH BABY!!! I love being anywhere near water. I am in heaven when I am near water.

Now this is what I call a water fall. It is near upper falls as you can see. I am taking the picture near artist point bridge. We hike all over Yellowstone and always have to make this hike. as you can tell why, it is quiet the beautiful scene that is for sure. I hope you all like the pics of Yellowstone, even if you have been here. And for those of you who have never been, ENJOY!


Gibbon Falls of Yellowstone.

Jessica acting like an old granny:) On one of our many hikes, this was up above cave falls of Idaho.

Sarah loves taking her pictue, especially if it is outdoors. She is quiet the beauty.

Funny shot, I was trying to tell Laura something, and she snapped the shot anyway, funny hugh.

All the Ostermiller Gals in order of Birth, Jackie, Laura, Sarh Jessica, and Malissa, June of 2008.

Blaine and his beauty queens at Tower falls. What a good lookin bunch. Wouldn't you agree.:)

What a good lookin goof. Blaine is always happiest at Yellowstone National Park. He is always in a really happy goofy mood when he is in the outdoor, can you tell?

Malissa far left, Jessie in the middle, and Sarah on the other side. They had alot of fun on this trip as usual, and I figured out I would capture their traveling moods. Always in playful moods even on our many drives.

Lauras' Young Womens creations. A Bananna Boat. This one was with strawberry marshmellows chopped up and placed everyother spot, then in between those you put chocolate, first cutting the bananna down the front middle, then you can place the stuff in, and replace the front peal, wrap it back in the foil, and place in hot coals. Talk about a wonderful bananna split, WOW<>

This is Laura after reading Twilight, getting me hooked on reading it as well.. She told me she was a vampire going to attach me, what a goofy pair huh.


The Ostermiller Girls, Laura, Sarah Malissa on Lauras' lap, and Jessica down on the ground. Picture taken at Firehole drive.

The girls decorated Lauras room for her 14th birthday.

We had alot of fun credating a bonfire on the last night of camping, making sure I used up all the firewood, to make paking up to come home alot easier. Jessica danced around the fire like ursela and George of the Jungle did.

Sarah Dancing like george of the jungle and ursela as well, they laughed and danced for along time.

When Blaine worked at Basic American Foods, a potatoe processing plant for major resturants like Kentucky Fried Chicken, and places like that he had to where gogles, a hard hat, and rubber boots, well Malissa loved pretending to dress up like her dad, so I grabbed a quick picture of this child holding her dad in such high regards of respect she wanted to be just like him.

Laura Chyanne and Sarah having a blast in our pool summer of 2008. They played in this pook all season long.

Chyanne baought Laura this cute Tinkerbell shirt for her 14th birthday present. She loved it. We all love Tinkerbell here, but Sarah is really growing out of her though just like Laura, they are all into TWILIGHT> What a pair.

This is another wedding boquet I made for my friend angelas wedding. I loved this one. It was awesome. They all loved it. It went very well with all of her decorations.

I helped her decorate her cake with the letters there, I put all the flowers on to decorate it for her. She bought the topper, and thought it was a really cutsie thing to do. I thought it was funny as well the bride dragging her new hubbie home,:). She just didn't anything serious. I think she accomplished her goal.

O>K> Here is proff, I went boating with some of the sisters of Relief Society and went on a ski boat float, what a blast. Except all the sisters said they wanted to wait to go themselves just to watch me on one of them because they said it was funner to watch then to go, because of how hard I laughed and to watch my facial expressions. I laughed so hard I was so sore the next day. I had a blast, but would go again in a heart beat. I like just jumping into the resevoir just for the fun of swimming.

Sarah in the 4-h sewing competetion. She won awards. She made the tinker pillow, and pajamas by herself.

Laura in the modeling part of the 4-h project. She did a plaid skirt this third year of sewing. She won several ribbons, and one of the top constructions of her sewing group. Both girls went to state with their projects.

I thought I would share a little bit of Idaho Winter. We went for a drive and I loved this shot, and shared it with you.

This is in Island Park Idaho. It is a winter resort kind of place, and now you can see why. The snow was so deep, you can see it coming off the roof here. Enjoy, I hope you like it as much as we do.

Me, Jackie holding my big black cat, the panther so to speak. I love him and am very sad he had to leave us.

Yep I am on top of the roof nailing the tar paper down after helping put the wood down and nailing it with a nail gun, if it wasn;t so cold I would have had alot more fun. You can even see the snow on the grown. But to tell you the truth, this was one of the nicer days, and wasn;t too cold.

All the helpers of the ward, The bisop even sent over one of his counselors on a Sunday, to see if we needed help finishing the roof because of so much damage from all the snow and the rian due to the wheather getting so much warmer it started to melt more and more everyday, we had to do something and quick. We were almost finished, but even some of the elders came over even on the Sabbath to offer their loving service, if you ask me, that is what Christ intended when he said charity is the pure love of christ. No judgments of working on the sabbath, just offering service. We trully do belong to the church of JESUS CHRIST, of Latter day saints. All I can say to them is thank you for you love and charity, and your service.

Sarah and Malissa doing waht they do best. Playing pretend with the hospital for their bears outside in the front yard.

Friends and Family, now that is what I call support! The Harpers are always there at our important events, Blaines side of the family were there as well, even some of our close friends. This was at Jessicas' Baptism at 8 years old, in 2007. You notice that I was holding her up, she had quiet a day, she had cut her foot on one of the metal peaces on the bathroom stall. It was cut deep and sidways, she was in pain, so to even take pictures after that accident was a chore for her, but she did it, and ended up o.k. what a brave girl.

We get quiet a few thunder storms here, but very few and far between. When we get a big one, there is always a rainbow close behind. We get them up on the ridge in front of our house, I thought would take a picture and share it with you. If you look really colse you can see another one to the far left of the really bright one.

Yeah, I told you it was bad, it was very painful for her, I know now that I should have gotten stitches, she cut it inside deep, and it was cut sideways. I didn'g get stiches, but should have. Now when it rains or gets stormy or cold she can tell it. Poor Jess, always has lots of trials to overcome.:(